A Comprehensive Guide To The Different Types Of Gates And Their Accessories

Whether you're looking for a decorative feature for your home or an effective way to keep out intruders, gates are an excellent solution. There are many different types of gates available on the market, each with its own benefits and features. 

This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of three popular types of gates and their accompanying accessories.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are one of the most popular gate designs due to their traditional look and relative ease of installation. They usually consist of two vertical posts and a horizontal bar that swings open and close. Depending on the gate size, it may require additional support from a third post.

The gate swings open manually or automatically, depending on your chosen type. Manual swing gates require someone to physically open and close the gate, while automatic swing gates are powered by an electric motor or hydraulic system.

These gates come in various materials, such as wood, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, and steel. They can be installed either in the ground or above it using posts and hinges.

For added security, swing gates often come with locks and other security features like motion sensors that trigger alarms when someone enters without permission. The sensors can also control the automatic lights that some of these gates come with.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are also quite common due to their convenience and modern aesthetic appeal. They come with tracks that make them easy to install in various locations, such as driveways or garages.

The tracks allow the gate to open and close in a sideways motion, sliding along the track instead of swinging open and closed. The gates move along tracks that are typically situated underneath the ground, so they require minimal maintenance over time compared to other gate types.

Additionally, sliding gates have additional safety features, such as sensors that stop them from closing if something is blocking their path—making sure no one gets hurt while the gates are being operated.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates offer an attractive alternative to swing or sliding designs. These types of gates eliminate the need for tracks by gliding along a set of rollers mounted on top of horizontal posts at each end instead of having one track along the bottom like sliding models do. This makes cantilever gates ideal for use in areas where there isn't enough room for a track beneath them (for example, in tight spaces between buildings).

Cantilever models also require less maintenance than other gate types since they don't have any tracks running along the ground, which could become clogged with dirt or debris over time.

Additionally, cantilever models come with additional safety features like built-in sensors that stop them from closing if something is blocking their path—just like sliding models do. Some even pack additional features like remote control operation and built-in cameras for added security.

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