Units That Can Be Installed At Your Modular Crude Oil Refinery

Modular crude oil refineries allow for the right equipment to be shipped to a location so that oil can then be produced. There are several pieces of equipment that you might need to have shipped to your worksite. 

Atmospheric Distillation Units

Atmospheric distillation units are used to separate crude oil from other components so that these components can then be processed. All of the oil that is processed at your refinery must first go through the atmospheric distillation unit.

Hydro Desulfurization Units

Before fuel can be sold for use on the road, you must remove all of the sulfur. This can be accomplished using a hydro desulfurization unit. If the sulfur is not removed from the fuel, the emissions produced by the vehicle will have adverse environmental effects such as producing acid rain and haze.

Vacuum Distillation Units

Vacuum distillation units are an important part of the refinery process. They allow for the creation of petroleum products created from heavier oils. This process must be carried out in a vacuum.

Catalytic Reformer Units and Isomerization Units

Catalytic reformer units are necessary when producing high-octane gasoline. This is sometimes used in combination with an isomerization unit to make sure that the unit can reach the targeted octane level. 

Diesel Hydroeater Units

Producing diesel from low-quality feedstocks is a difficult process. However, diesel hydrotreater units can make this process easier by removing impurities. Then, it is possible to produce low sulfur diesel. A hydrocracker can also be used to increase the production of diesel when using heavier fuels.

Kerosene Hydroeater Units

If your company will be producing jet fuel, you will need kerosene hydrotreater units. These units will allow you to produce the greatest quantity of kerosene possible from your feeds. For example, you will be able to meet smoke point and color requirements. 

Other Units

There are various other process units that might be needed by your particular refinery based on the design stage. When you are working with a modular refinery, you will be able to fine-tune your refinery to meet your needs.

When your business is working with a prefabricated modular crude oil refinery, it will be more flexible and you will be able to expand your oil refinery operation based on the needs of your business. Therefore, it's important to get in contact with a company that will be able to help you rent or purchase the necessary equipment. 

To learn more, contact a company that works with modular crude oil refineries