Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Heating Furnace?

A commercial heating furnace is a long-term investment. It cools and improves the overall quality of your industrial indoor air to give your employees a comfortable and healthy space.

However, even with proper maintenance, it gets to a point where your commercial heating furnace needs an upgrade. Don't wait too long to take the right action. Check out these signs that it's time to let your furnace go and get a new one.

The Furnace Makes Odd Noises

A range of reasons may cause the furnace to produce strange noises as follows:

Banging Noise

This sound may signify a small gas explosion caused by delayed ignition. The gas builds up in the combustion chamber and eventually explodes to cause a banging sound.

An ignition delay primarily happens due to gas pressure problems or clogs in the gas burners. It would be best to let a licensed commercial HVAC technician inspect the burners to identify the exact cause.

Rattling Sound 

Rattling or rumbling sounds may indicate a loose component in your commercial heating furnace. The loose part may break other furnace components and cause expensive repairs and replacements. Therefore, contact a professional for inspection and repair as soon as you notice strange noises.

Whistling Noise

Whistles result from air restriction due to a clogged air filter. You should change the air filters and if the sounds don't go away, consult commercial heating experts.

Humming Sound

To some extent, humming noise is not a cause for alarm. But if the noise gets louder by day, that could indicate a motor or fan problem. It may also mean that the furnace transformer needs replacement. Let a reliable contractor inspect the whole system and give you the best way forward.

If you notice one or more of the above sounds, it's critical to have the system checked and rectified. And if they persist after system repair, maybe it's time to replace your furnace.

Unpleasant Smells

In most cases, smells from the furnace signify a problem. The common types of odors to check include:

  • Smoke or burnt dust smells

  • Rotten eggs

  • Burnt plastic

  • Mold or mildew odor

  • Metallic smell

For instance, a burning plastic smell may signify a dirty air filter. You can clean or change the filters to see if the smell disappears.

At the same time, a metallic smell could indicate that a component in the heating system is overheating. Again, you should let an expert check it out to establish if the overheating part needs replacement.

A rotten egg smell primarily indicates a gas leak. It would help if you shut your gas furnace off and then contact a professional for repairs.

On the other hand, mold or mildew smell shows mold growth in the duct, which can quickly degrade air quality in your home. Contact commercial HVAC technicians to clean the ducts and implement mildew prevention measures.

If you notice any of the above signs, contact commercial heating & air conditioning experts. Their technicians are always ready to show up when you need them. And you can count on them for a comprehensive system inspection to determine if it's time for a commercial heating furnace upgrade. A site like has more information.