Tips When Filtering A Zinc Nickel Plating Bath

If you are going to be putting a zinc nickel plating finish on some metals, then you will be dipping them into a plating bath. Filtering it is important for getting the best plating results. Here are some tips that can help you with this filtering process.

Review Potential Contaminants

So that your filtering methods are targeted and thus more likely to work on a consistent basis when relying on a zinc nickel plating bath, you need to think about what contaminants could possibly get into the bath to begin with.

It may be things like dirt, debris from the metals you're plating, or other residues that are around your plating bath. Find out exactly what these contaminants are and then use them to guide you to worthwhile filtering systems and methods that you can always rely on.

Assess Bath Size

Another thing that you want to analyze before going with a filtration system is the actual size of your zinc nickel plating bath. You have to get these measurements so that the filter system you choose and set up is able to support the quantity of plating inside the bath.

Then you should be able to keep your filtering results optimal and also keep the filter in great condition because it won't be forced into overworking beyond its limits. Just get the bath's dimensions and then find a filter that supports them based on how the filter was made by a manufacturer.

Go with Cleanable Parts

After using a filter in a zinc nickel plating bath repeatedly, the filter is going to get dirty. That means you'll eventually have to service it for it to continue working great and keeping contaminants out of your plating bath. You won't be stressed about servicing the plating filter system if you go with a model that has parts that can be cleaned.

Rather than replacing them when they get dirty, you'll just use cleaning solutions and materials to alleviate things that the filter removed from your plating bath. Clean at consistent intervals and this filter system should work just fine for your plating operations. 

Applying zinc nickel plating to metals is a lot easier to do when plating baths are used. You'll just need to keep these baths clean by implementing a quality filtration system and caring for it over the years. Then filtration will be optimal and your plating baths will always be clean. 

Contact a local zinc nickel plating service to get more tips.