3 Essential Care Steps To Take For Industrial Air Compressors

If you rely on an industrial air compressor for various operations on your work site, it's extremely important to keep it in good condition. You can do just that when you follow these care steps, which will keep your air compressor running great for a long time. 

Remove Moisture From the Tank 

After using an industrial air compressor over the months, moisture can start building up. This happens quite a lot if you live in a very humid area. You need to get in the habit of removing this moisture, because if you don't, your air compressor won't last as long and you'll have to deal with costly repairs. 

All of this can be avoided if you get in the habit of removing tank moisture on a consistent basis. Fortunately, completing this task is relatively easy. There should be a valve on the side that enables this moisture to escape. Open it up all the way until every trace of moisture is gone. 

Inspect the Air Filter 

The air filter plays an important role for your industrial air compressor. Much like HVAC systems, this filter is designed to keep debris and dirt from entering integral components. If this were to happen, your air compressor has to work harder and you could even experience overheating issues.

What you'll need to do is physically take out the air filter and inspect both sides. If they're completely covered in dirt and other particles, you'll need to find a suitable replacement to ensure optimal performance. Make sure you select a filter designed specifically for your air compressor so you don't have any installation issues.

Clean the Heat Exchangers 

Heat exchangers are also instrumental for your industrial air compressor as they help keep operating temperatures at a normal range. When these exchangers get too dirty, you could experience overheating issues and your compressor probably won't last as long as it should. 

To prevent these heating issues, you'll need to clean your heat exchangers with a pressure washer. This is the safest and easiest way to remove built-up residues and dirt that have collected on these heat exchangers over time. Make sure they're completely clean before operating your air compressor again.

When industrial single state direct drive compressors are such a critical resource for your industrial operations, the last thing you want happening is for them to malfunction unexpectedly. You can circumvent this from happening by simply putting a lot of time and effort into maintaining this important asset.