Choosing The Right Replacement Electrical Switches For Your Mobile Home

Electricity is a modern convenience that most homeowners could not live without. Switches play an important role in helping to regulate the flow of electricity through your mobile home. A mobile home electrical switch interrupts the electrical circuit when it is in the "off" position, and allows the circuit to complete and provide power to your electrical fixtures when it is in the "on" position.

The right electrical switch can offer maximum convenience and control. Consider these options when replacing the electrical switches in your mobile home in the future.

Single-Pole Switch

The single-pole switch is among the most common found in a residential setting. These switches allow you to control an electrical fixture from a single location. Single-pole switches come in a variety of styles, including toggles, rockers, sliders, and push-button.

A single-pole switch can be a great option for light fixtures in a bathroom or bedroom, as these rooms are typically small enough that a single control switch is all that is needed to maximize convenience.

Three-Way Switch

If you want to make control over your electrical fixtures more convenient, consider upgrading to a three-way switch. These switches work in pairs to allow you to turn electrical fixtures on or off from two separate locations. Having the ability to turn lights on or off in multiple locations can make it easier to control the lighting in your mobile home.

A three-way switch is particularly useful in mobile homes with an open floor plan. You can install a three-way switch in both the kitchen and the living areas and control the lighting in the open space from both locations.

Four-Way Switch

When you want to provide access to electrical fixtures from more than two locations within your mobile home, a four-way switch is required. These switches work in coordination with three-way switches to give you control over the lighting in your mobile home from three or more locations.

The four-way switch controls the traveler wires between the three-way switches. By disrupting the electrical current flowing through the traveler wires, a four-way switch can function independently without requiring separate wiring.

Installing new electrical switches can be an exciting and simple way to upgrade your mobile home. Be sure that you take the time to carefully consider how much control you want over each light fixture in your home before purchasing new switches. This information will allow you to invest in the switch best suited to meet your needs.