The Business Of Creating ID Cards

Identity card creation is necessary in many schools, businesses, and companies. If you are interested in opening up a store to create identity cards for businesses, schools, and companies in your area, you will need to invest in industrial-level materials. Manufacturing ID cards can be simple, but it requires the use of heavy machines. Here is some equipment that you will need to invest in to become the identity card company of your town. 

Purchase a corner rounding machine

Identity cards are best made with rounded corners. Sharp corners easily cut fingers and become damaged when they are rubbed against other surfaces. A corner rounding machine will round the corners of plastic ID cards and make them safer for all ages to use. The corner rounding machine will need to be industrial size so that it can cut several at a time, in order to create quick orders. Be sure that the machine is able to be used manually and electronically, so you have control over the size of the cut. 

Industrial ID printer

With an industrial ID printer, you can print several identification cards in a minute. This will allow you to produce all new ID cards for a business in less than an hour, and it will only take a day or two to produce ID cards for an entire school. Your machine will need to have the correct laser printing capabilities so that the identity card does not smudge or wear after it is printed. A dual-sided reader will be necessary so that you are able to print a face photo and further information that belongs on the back of the ID. The printing machine should be able to write on readers strips or add information to a chip inside of the card.

Add extras 

Lanyards, lamination, and other extras are welcome additions to identity card creation. A machine that can punch holes in the card to add a lanyard or a wrist holder will allow employees to carry their badges with them to work. For companies who are having cards produced for their customer loyalty system, offer to place the cards inside of printed materials explaining the system. Extras that make the cards ready to use will make it easier for your customers to use your product fresh off the press. Offer one free extra to customers during the ordering proces to give each of your batch printing customers a good deal.

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