Understanding Why Control System Design Isn't Just A Picture Diagram

A control system is a series of controls on a dash or board that relays signals to machines to make them do as expected. Almost every piece of equipment that exists has a control board. Even your computer relies on the keyboard for commands from you to do what you want the computer to do. Ergo, control system design is not just about a diagram or a picture representation of a control panel. It involves much more than that.


Persons responsible for creating control systems are engineers. They examine how switches and buttons are connected to electrical components and generate the necessary signals to produce the desired work outcome. The engineers also perform multiple calculations to assure that each switch and each impulse will work and work effectively.

Electrical Construction

This is a board of switches designed to perform an electrical command, after all. It is necessary that those who know electrical construction best be involved with the design of each control board. In that way, the electrical components are installed and built to produce a control panel that works.

Computerized Functions

If a control panel is supposed to have computerized functions (as most now have), then a technology company is involved. They design the tech components and boards that will go into a control system based on what the engineers say is needed and to the specifications of the engineers. The components and computer boards are tested prior to and after installation into a control system. Mistakes are not acceptable, as some control systems are responsible for potentially dangerous machines.

Final Diagram

Finally, after all of the above work is complete, the housing for the system is designed. This is what most people think of when control system design is mentioned. The housing box and face panel of the control system are made to fit over and around the working components of the system. How they appear is usually up to the consumer requesting the control system and the engineer working on the project. A couple of design diagrams are created by the engineer, and the consumer picks the one that he/she thinks looks and works the best for his/her company's needs.

From Start to Finish

From start to finish, the above project can take up to a year, unless the control system is relatively simple. The more complex, the more time needed to create it. If your company needs a control system soon, now is the time to get the project underway.

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