4 Advantages Of Using An Air Chain Hoist In A Food Warehouse

When choosing a chain hoist for a food warehouse, there are multiple options to select from, including electrical, hydraulic, and manual hoists. Another option to consider for a food warehouse is an air chain hoist. Powered by air compressors and moving chains, an air chain hoist can lift food products and safely transport them to different areas across a crane or onto a pallet. As you shop around for a new chain hoist, consider the following four benefits of using an air-powered hoist instead of other types. Each benefit is directly related to food handling and safety inside of the warehouse.

Slow Speed Settings

A lot of various products have a delicate nature that needs to be controlled with proper speed. Food that is moved or mishandled around a warehouse can easily become crushed or damaged. An air chain hoist has the ability to set very slow speeds and have complete control over the loads. Instead of instantly lifting the chains into the air, the air compressors can gradually release to slowly move the chains up at a steady pace. This offers product protection for sensitive items like bagged chips, hard pastas, or carbonated beverages. Items that are protected and move with care can help reduce the number of defective or damaged products that arrive at various locations.

Food Grade Materials

When operating in a food warehouse, items that come into contact with various foods and packaging should be made with food grade materials. These materials will not contaminate or cause issues with various types of products. A number of air chain hoists have approval through the USDA and FDA for use with food products. One of the main reasons for this is the air that is used to power the chains. Instead of motors that rely on oil or other possible contaminants, the air is oil-free and helps promote a clean working environment for the food products. Air chain hoists can also be purchased with special seals that block various gears and components from being exposed near food products. The hoists are also kept operating smoothly with food-grade lubricants that are safe to use around the various items and packaging. The lubricants will ensure that the chains and gears move smoothly after extended use of the hoist.

Spark Resistant Features

A lot of hoists are made for industrial materials like metals and stone. While these materials can handle sparks and extensive heat, a lot of food products and packaging is more sensitive. Air chain hoists are manufactured with a variety of spark resistant features that prevent accident sparks and possible product damage. For example, the wheels used on a hoist and crane bridge are often manufactured with a high-quality brass or copper. You can also request the spark resistant features on the air hoist to help prevent these problems and eliminate any sparking from the warehouse area.

Cold Conditions

Depending on the type of food in your warehouse, the temperature conditions may need to be colder or even refrigerated. If this is the case, then an air chain hoist is an ideal option because it can still operate smoothly under cold conditions. This allows you to lift and move cold food items without delays. The durability of the air chain hoist is ideal for bulk dairy products, cold drinks, and a variety of meats. When the hoists are needed for freezer warehouses, the conditions may be different, and it's important to talk to a supplier about having the proper parts and features to handle those types of extreme temperatures. While the hoists will work great in cold conditions, anything past freezing needs special considerations.

Work with hoist part companies, such as American Equipment Inc, to purchase the air chain parts that can fit your needs, support proper weight amounts, and fit with your warehouse layout.